About Pi Delta Chapter

About Pi Delta Chapter


Throughout winter quarter of the 2010-2011 school year, Alex Staebler, Arshitha Vaidhyanathan, and Jonathan Wong considered the idea of creating a legacy at the University of California, Irvine for future engineers. After some discussion, it was decided that the networking and professional development opportunities offered through existing clubs, fraternities, and sororities were lacking, especially for a campus as large as UC Irvine.

Around that time, Alex stumbled upon Theta Tau while looking for ways to improve professional development at UC Irvine. March 22, 2011 marks the day Alex reached out to Theta Tau’s Central Office to explore the possibilities of establishing Theta Tau at UC Irvine. Michael Abraham responded promptly and after a few days of correspondence, it was determined that Alex, Arshitha, and Jonathan would persuade and inspire nine other UC Irvine engineers to join in on the vision they had for a legacy at UC Irvine.

foundersThe next Monday, during the first week of Spring quarter, the first meeting was held between the founding fathers. March 28, 2011 established that Alex, Arshitha, and Jonathan were not the only ones who had heard of Theta Tau and had a vision for a professional development organization at UC Irvine. Sarah Leung, sister to Alan Leung (a founder of UC San Diego’s Epsilon Delta chapter) reassured the founders that it was possible to build a colony of Theta Tau at UC Irvine and that Theta Tau represented something that we all were looking for.

Michael Abraham was contacted and UCI Theta Tau was referred to Vinay Reddy for the purpose of setting up an informational meeting with the founding class. During dinner on April 15, 2011, the founding class was solidified into the 12 Founders, all of whom share the same vision for the establishment of a Theta Tau colony at UC Irvine. The 12 Founders instated were: Alex Staebler, Clever Tan, Jonathan Wong, Jacqueline Kim, Sarah Leung, Terence Leung, Amy Nguyen, Arshitha Vaidhyanathan, Christopher Louie, Dhivya Sridhar, Jeffrey Go, and Jonathan Turcios.

On April 23, 2011, Vinay Reddy, Alex Ma, Steven Choi, and Xander White visited UCI Theta Tau and met with the founding class. After a lengthy lunch and an informational meeting, the founding class was more inspired than ever to establish Theta Tau at UC Irvine and begin the process of becoming a colony.

alpha-classThe following Monday, the first official meeting occurred. Elections were held and officers were chosen. To this day, the Founding fathers have worked vigorously to write the Constitution and design a pledge process. After a hugely successful Fall Rush, UCI Theta Tau had 20 pledges for their Alpha Class. Over the next 8 weeks of the Fall quarter, the Alpha Class grew as a class and learned to rely on their fellow brothers. At the end of the quarter, 16 Alphas remained, determined to be initiated as Colony members after the long winter break.

UCI Theta Tau’s Alpha Class was initiated January 12, 2012 and immediately was called upon to fill officer positions which had been vacant since the founding of the Colony. Over the course of the winter quarter, the Founding and Alpha Class worked in harmony to put on a multitude of events to benefit the engineering community at UCI and to also help the brothers of the Colony become better students.

Through skillful advertising and effective recruitment practices, the members of the UCI Theta Tau Colony jumped into Spring Quarter Rush with an enthusiasm matched by the large number of Rush attendees. Following a successful week of recruitment, the Brothers of the Colony chose 17 engineering students to begin the pledge process as the Beta Class. During the 8 weeks of pledge, lessons learned by the Founding Class during Alpha Class pledge were implemented and shown to have a positive impact upon the Beta Class pledges.

beta-classOn June 9, 2012, the 15 remaining Beta Class pledges were initiated into the UCI Colony of Theta Tau a week before the Brothers of the Colony proudly congratulated their first two graduating members, Terence Leung and Jeffrey Go.

Throughout the summer, the Brothers worked to integrate the Beta Class into active membership and solidify the successful practices learned thus far. Three members attended the National Convention in Boston, MA and returned to the Colony with a multitude of materials and ideas which will improve the efficiency and communication of the Colony as a whole.

On April 13th, 2013, the Theta Tau colony at UCI was installed as the Pi Delta Chapter of Theta Tau.